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Display Restoration Service.

We at Ducara specialize in display refurbishing mainly focused on the marine industry.  Display fading, dark spots or missing lines on display is a very common issue on marine equipment, we have therefore worked hard to find a solution for this problem and managed to find a way to get your equipment working perfectly again! 

Why refurbish your display and not buy a new unit ?

  • Display refurbishing will cost you fraction of the price, new units are very expensive!.

  • Changing your equipment will most likely require to change sensors, wiring and brackets.

  • Installing a new unit requires modifications and hours of labour.

  • When changing to a different equipment, one has to learn how to use the unit from scratch, restoring your old unit will not change anything in your software and saved points will not be lost!

We invite you to contact us with details of the unit, preferably a picture of the unit  turned ON and model number. one of our team will contact you back ASAP.


Triq In-Nadur




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